Frequently Asked Questions

Here's a list of frequently asked questions around the marketplace


Why should I sign up for Premium? 

You can view listings on for free. However, all listings are anonymous. To contact a seller to learn more about their startup, you need to become a Premium Buyer. Once you upgrade to Premium, you can communicate directly with sellers in the marketplace. You also get a Premium Buyer badge on your profile showing sellers you’re serious and trusted. Premium is $390 a year and for serious applicants only.

Do you offer a free trial? 

Not at the moment, unfortunately. We’ve made the decision to offer Premium only because it dramatically improves the seller and buyer experience. People would often create accounts and request information for every startup, wasting founders’ time. 

As a free customer, you can still search the site and view deal descriptions, startup types, asking prices, and key financial metrics. But yes, you need to be a Premium Buyer to contact sellers and to begin the acquisition process.

Our buyers tell us that Premium easily pays for itself in helping them connect with sellers and pursue opportunities that best fit their expertise and goals. Sellers love Premium as it means they’re always dealing with serious buyers, not tire-kickers. 

That said, we’re so confident you’ll enjoy Premium membership that if you sign up and regret it, we’ll refund you

Why do I need to share my LinkedIn profile? 

We ask you to share your LinkedIn profile so sellers can verify your identity. They might not know much about you and this is a simple way of sharing your experience to date. It could also encourage sellers to pursue an acquisition with you where they might not have done otherwise. 

I registered as a Buyer, but I would like to sell a business. How do I list a startup? 

At the moment, you need a separate account for selling or acquiring on If you’re already registered as a buyer, simply log out of your account and create a new one as a seller. 

If you want to use the same email address, just add “+seller” before the “@” on your seller account and you will receive communications for both accounts to the same email address. Example: and will both deliver to 

Where can I learn more about successfully acquiring a company? 

We’ve written a ton of free resources and learning materials to help you acquire startups successfully. Click the links below to get started.

Free articles and eBooks on acquisitions

Free acquisition courses from MicroAcquire Academy

How do I see my invoice? 

Please email from your registered email address to request your invoice. We’ll return it to you within 1 business day. 



Are my startup’s details made public?  

No, all listings are anonymous. Names and domains remain hidden. You choose what to reveal to potential buyers, either by automatically or individually approving requests for private information. You might even consider asking the buyer to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before revealing your private information. It’s up to you!

Do you list companies that don’t have any customers or revenue? 

Unfortunately not. We only list startups generating revenue from customers. If your startup is pre-revenue, your best chance of an acquisition is to find even just a few paying customers. Your exit price will be much more meaningful, and it will be much easier to find a buyer. 

Can I sell more than one startup?

Yes, but you need a separate seller account for each startup you want to list. In the future, you’ll be able to sell multiple startups from the same account, but for now, please create new seller accounts for each startup you want to sell. To use the same email address for all of them, please add “+listingname” before the “@” sign for each new account.

How do Letters of Intent (LOIs) work? 

Great question! We’ve covered LOIs in our blog, videos, and eBooks. Here are a couple of videos to get you started:

What is an LOI (and how to negotiate one)

[How do LOIs work on]( 

What is my startup worth?

Get a free data-driven valuation of your SaaS startup with MicroMRR. Just connect your metrics and we'll give you a valuation range that's typical of startups that get acquired on

Or, estimate your startup’s valuation using our free Startup Valuation Tool. We also recommend you get to grips with how buyers value startups. Check out our resources below so you’re always ready with a fair, realistic number.

How to Correctly Estimate the Value of Your SaaS Startup ( resources)

Startup Valuations - MicroAcquire Academy

How can I get funding for my startup?

First things first: do you really need funding?

Unless you already have a string of successful startups under your belt, bootstrapping is arguably the best way to go. By betting on yourself you retain complete ownership of your startup and realize all the rewards (as well as the risks). 

If you still need funding, you might consider raising it from angel investors. These are people who know and trust you. People often raise very early funding from a parent, uncle, or an old boss. Giving someone money to start a business requires a lot of trust.

You might also consider crowdfunding through platforms like Kickstarter and WeFunder. If your startup is making bold, market-shaking moves, AngelList is a great platform to pitch investors your vision for the future. Just be prepared to give up some equity in return for investment!

 I need legal help – do you have any legal resources? 

We sure do! Check them out.

 When will my startup be featured in the newsletter?

Soon! We’ve had an enormous number of startups list recently, so we’re running a backlog of about one to two weeks. Hang tight, or feel free to reach out to and ask to be featured.