How Do I Verify My Identity?

Verify your identity on your profile in just a few steps.

Note: For buyers- if you verify your identity, you'll also be qualified to verify your funds. Earning two verified badges to your profile. Learn how to verify your funds by following this link: How do i verify my funds?

  1. Login to your Acquire account.
  2. Go to your profile
    1. Click on your avatar image in the top right corner
    2. Select  "Profile" from the drop-down choices
  3. There should be a box in the right-hand column that will allow you to "Verify with persona". Click that to get started.

    Verify Identity with Persona
  4. You'll then be guided through a flow to add government issued documents to verify your identity through Persona. Click "Begin verifying" to get started.

    Persona - Begin verifying
  5. Choose the country your government ID is from.

    What country- Government ID
  6. Choose the type of government ID you'll be uploading from the available options and follow the rest of the prompts to complete the process.
  7. Once you've completed all necessary actions, you'll see a congratulations screen denoting you've just verified your identity. Click "Done" to continue.

    Persona - Congrats!
  8. You'll be automatically redirected back to your profile where you'll be able to see the blue verified identity badge added to your profile. Anybody you have engaged with will be able to see your new badge instantly.

    The verified identity badge for all accounts who verify their identity through Persona
  9. If you run into any issues through the process, please contact