Recommended M&A Advisors for Founders

Get Acquired Quickly, Easily, and at the Highest Price

Hey folks,

We’ve been working on something truly special for you over the last few months. A world first. Today, I’m delighted to announce the launch of our **M&A advisor directory. **

Every advisor you might need to get your startup acquired, from legal to escrow to negotiations, is now available right here in our marketplace. 

Think of it like Upwork or Yelp for acquisition advisors. This is the first directory of its kind, and our goal is simple: to help more startups get acquired. 

When you’re on track for a life-changing acquisition, an advisor can make all the difference. 

If I hadn’t had help selling my startup back in 2017, for example, I’d have been a nervous wreck and probably blown the whole thing. might never have happened.

But thanks to professional advice, I got through the acquisition process to secure a life-changing acquisition that put me on the path of serial entrepreneurship. And I’m forever grateful.

Now, I’m proud to offer you all the help you need to get acquired within our platform. 

We have many approved M&A advisors in the directory (with more to come), listed by expertise and experience, to help you maximize your exit regardless of your company’s size. 

Our vision is to build a market network that works _for _founders, not against them.

Our M&A advisor directory is one giant step towards consolidating the fragmented acquisitions market to help 1,000s of startups get acquired. 

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