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Seller acquisition process

From start to finish in simple video lessons led by Andrew. Covering valuations, preparation, and negotiation so far. We'll be adding more throughout the year.

Seller Valuation

How much is your startup worth?

Your valuation can raise a lot of fiery debate with buyers. On the one hand, you want the maximum price for your business. You built it from nothing, invested years of sweat equity, and now it’s payback time.

Buyers, on the other hand, value your business in such a way that predicts a return on investment. Usually within three to five years, or when it’s resold or consolidated into a startup portfolio. 

What's covered:

- What startups usually sell for on Acquire.com and other marketplaces
- What a 10x startup looks like and whether yours fits the bill
- How to use a multiple to value your business (and against what metric)
- How buyers value businesses (financial vs strategic)
- And much more...

Seller Preparation

How do you properly prepare for an acquisition as a seller?

Go into the process blind, and you may lose leverage at the first sign of interest. Buyers expect you to be prepared. It reassures them you’re easy to work with and won’t waste their time. More importantly, preparation gives you the advantage.

What's covered:

- Why preparation gives you an advantage
- How to identify your acquisition goals
- Buyer perceptions and red flags
- Our proven step-by-step preparation guide
- How we help make preparation easy

Seller Negotiation

What are the key tactics to leverage when negotiating with potential acquirers?

It's not a far stretch to assume having expert negotiation skills when selling a business can help you achieve your preferred price and terms.

You may be dealing with buyers who’ve acquired several businesses before, or who buy and sell businesses for a living. In other words, they know what they want and how to get it. Not to discredit your sales ability, but can you say the same? The stakes are high, and you might need to upskill to negotiate the best deal possible.

What's covered:

- How to make a great first impression
- What buyers expect of you and your listing
- How to vet interested buyers (and against what criteria)
- How to negotiate using creative deal structures
- What to do when things go wrong