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What is the Premium/Platinum reward program?

Acquire a business within your first year of upgrading and we’ll refund your fee as a virtual high-five ✋

Last updated: July 6th, 2023

Get your Premium or Platinum subscription fee refunded when you acquire a business in your first year of upgrading. Terms and conditions below.

  1. The date of the acquisition is determined by the date any final funds were released or transferred to the seller for the acquisition.
  2. The final acquisition sale price must be a minimum of $10,000 USD.
  3. A buyer must be able to show definitive and tangible proof the business acquired was sourced, engaged, and transacted through Acquire.com with the following qualifications:
    1. The buyer must provide the seller name, name of the business acquired, website of the business acquired, and the Acquire.com listing URL of the business acquired.
    2. The buyer must show that messages of intent were sent to the seller of the business acquired via the Acquire.com platform and were within the first year of the Premium or Platinum subscription.
    3. The buyer must provide a formal acquisition document signed by both the buyer and seller that states the terms of the acquisition.
    4. The buyer must provide documentation of funds transferred to the seller for the acquisition of the business.
  4. The seller may be contacted to confirm any and all of the above details, if necessary.
  5. To request for a First Year Acquisition Reward, please provide the above details in an email to support@acquire.com to begin the process.

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