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How can I add additional terms to an APA?

Learn how to add additional terms to your asset purchase agreement (APA) within our builder

Last updated: November 9th, 2023

Customize your deal with additional terms in our APA builder.

To start, click My deals and then the startup you want to acquire. 

build apa 1.0

1. Click Send APA.

build apa 1.1

2. Click Build an APA.

build apa 1.2

3. Click Next on the Purchase price page until you reach the Closing conditions page.

build apa 1.3

4. Click the checkbox for Additional closing conditions.

build apa 1.8 arrow

5. Enter your additional closing conditions in the Condition 1 box to the right of the screen. 

build apa 2.1

6. To include multiple additional terms, click Add additional closing condition. Remove an additional closing condition by clicking Remove additional closing condition. 

closing conditions 1.31 arrow

7. Click Next and continue to build your APA.

closing conditions 1.4 arrow

Review your additional terms by downloading your APA as a PDF. To make any changes, click Edit or Back to return to the Closing conditions page. 

build apa 3.2

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