How do I unlist my startup?

How to unlist your startup during the selling process

Last updated: December 18th, 2023

You might unlist your startup if you need more time to develop your business, want to increase your valuation, or want to time the market better. 

No matter the reason, here's how to unlist your startup. 

1. Under My listing, click the three dots to the right of the listing status. From the dropdown box, select Unlist startup

unlist 0

2. Tell us how long you'd like to unlist for.

If you'll be back on the marketplace soon, select Temporarily. If you don't plan to sell your startup for a while or have sold off-platform, select Permanently. 

Click Next. 

unlist 1.2

3. If you chose Temporarily, select the reason you’re unlisting your startup, and then click Unlist my startup

unlist 1.3

Your startup has been temporarily removed from the marketplace. If you ever want to re-list on just email

unlist 1.4

4. If you chose Permanently select the reason you’re permanently unlisting your startup and click Next.

unlist 1.5

5. If you selected I sold my startup with a buyer I met on, select the buyer from your approved buyers list. 

unlist 1.6

6. Confirm your purchase price and click Next. 

unlist 1.7

7. Choose if you'd like to archive your startup

unlist 1.8

Archiving disables acquisition actions and the chat function. Once archived, you can't edit your startup or re-list it. 

unlist 1.9

8. If you selected I met my buyer through a different network or channel, tell us why you couldn't find a buyer on and click Next. 

unlist 2.0

9. Select where you found your buyer and click Unlist my startup

unlist 2.1

We'll archive your startup, removing it from the marketplace and disabling chat and acquisition actions. 

unlist 2.2

10. If you selected I couldn't sell my startup, select a reason why and click Unlist my startup

unlist 2.3

If you want help getting your startup back on track or want to unarchive your startup, just email

unlist 2.4

You can also unlist permanently after unlisting temporarily. Just go to"My listing" and click the three dots next to your listing status. Select Unlist permanently and go through the process above. 

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