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How do I change my email address?

How to update your account email address

Last updated: July 25th, 2023

Please ensure you still have access to your current address to confirm the change. The steps below are the same whether you're a buyer or a seller. 

After logging into your account, follow the instructions below to update your email address. 

1. Click the Profile icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

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2. In the dropdown box, click Settings. 

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3. On the Settings page, click Change next to Email address.

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4. For security reasons, enter your current password on the next page. Then click Continue.

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5. Enter your new email address. Click Change email address. 

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6. You’ll now receive a confirmation email to your original email address. Confirm the new email address by clicking the link we emailed to your old address. 

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7. Once you click confirm, your email will successfully update. 

email 6.0

If you have another account with that same email address in use, use +seller or +buyer before the @ on your email. 

For example, you can use andrew+buyer@acquire.com if andrew@acquire.com is already in use. All emails will go to one inbox at andrew@acquire.com. 

Still need help?

Please search the help center again or contact us at support@acquire.com.