How do I resubmit my listing?

How to resubmit your listing with updates after a rejection

Last updated: September 6th, 2023

Don't worry if our curation team rejects your listing first time. It's usually not a reflection of your business but because of missing or inaccurate information. 

We always explain why your listing was rejected. Use that information to fix any issues and then re-submit your listing following the steps below. 

How to resubmit your listing post-rejection 

When your listing is rejected, we’ll email you explaining what the issue is and how to resolve it. Take note of those tips when you go to update and resubmit your listing for review. 

1. Under My listing, click Edit info on the section you need to update. 

resubmit 1.0 arrow

2. After you edit the info in that section, hit Save

resubmit 1.1 arrow

3. If you need to update multiple sections of the listing, click Not Now on the resubmission page that pops up.

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If you only update one section of the listing, click Resubmit your listing to send it to our curation team for review. 

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4. After editing the relevant sections, scroll to the top of your listing and click Resubmit your listing. 

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5. Confirm you’re ready by clicking Resubmit my startup in the box that pops up. Click Cancel to continue editing. 

resubmit 2.2

How to submit changes to your listing after it's live

You might decide to update your listing after it's live. Maybe you acquired a new asset or want to revise your headline and summary to attract more buyers. 

Any changes to your listing must go through our curation team. Here's how it works.

1. Edit your listing and then click Save. A box will appear asking you to Confirm your edits.

Once you click Confirm your edits, your startup will be unlisted. You're then free to continue editing until you're ready to resubmit your listing to our curation team.

resubmit 2.0 2. After clicking Confirm edits, either click Resubmit your listing or Not now if you need to make multiple edits. 

resubmit 2.1 arrow

3. After clicking Not now and making more edits, scroll to the top of your listing. Click Resubmit your startup

resubmit 1,4 arrow

4. Confirm you’re ready by clicking Resubmit my startup in the pop-up window. Click Cancel to continue editing. 

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Before you resubmit, we highly encourage you to review this brief video detailing the anatomy of a great seller Listing. Check it out below!

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