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How does Acquire.com work?

Learn how selling businesses works on Acquire.com

Last updated: July 25th, 2023

What is Acquire.com?

Acquire.com is a startup acquisition marketplace. 

We bring you and buyers together to help sell your business quickly, easily, and without the usual headaches of the acquisition process. 

To date, we've helped 1,000s of founders achieve life-changing acquisitions. Over 250k entrepreneurs use Acquire.com to buy and sell companies.

How Acquire.com works

Below is a summary of the steps 

1. Sign up for your free account

2. List a startup.

3. Browse our seller pricing plans. 

4. Proceed through our guided acquisition process.

5. Close safely with Escrow.com.

You have everything you need to close acquisitions in-platform, no matter how big or complex your acquisition, including:

  • Legal document builders for formalizing offers
  • Free escrow from Escrow.com to close safely
  • Optional financing from our lending partners
  • Expert help from our customer success managers

How Acquire.com Works with founder, Andrew Gazdecki


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