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How much does it cost to sell?

A guide to the Acquire.com closing fee and how it's applied to your acquisition.

Last updated: July 9th, 2023

Do you pay a fee to sell on Acquire.com?

Yes, you pay a 4 percent closing fee when selling your business, and only if you sell. Everything else, from listing your business to closing safely with escrow is free.

If you don't sell your business, you don't pay a cent. And we don't sneak in additional fees either. It's one simple fee for everything so you can focus on getting Acquire'd.  

The closing fee helps us build the marketplace, develop the technology, and hire the people to deliver on our promise of helping more startups get Acquire’d. 

What you get for your closing fee

We've pulled together the best people and technology to help you sell quickly, easily, and for the highest price. Here's what you get in return for your closing fee:

  • An expertly optimized listing that attracts up to 400 percent more buyer interest*
  • Expert technology to simplify your acquisition and close faster
  • End-to-end support from acquisition pros, including in-house M&A advisors
  • A huge marketing push across social media and newsletters to 100,000s of buyers
  • Introductions to pro buyers including PE and VIPs whose goals match yours
  • Unlimited access to the Acquire Academy and resources that prepare you for exit
  • Free escrow through trusted provider Escrow.com to close your acquisition safely
  • Guidance through complex exit stages like valuation, due diligence, and escrow

*Compared to a non-optimized listing

How does the 4 percent closing fee compare to the market?

You'll find us cheaper than brokers, and in most cases, cheaper than other marketplaces, too. Below is a quick comparison of acquisition fees in the market currently.


How the closing fee works

Your closing fee is due when your acquisition closes. You pay nothing upfront (and nothing if you don't sell). Let's take a look at four examples of how you might pay the closing fee. 

You closed with our free escrow service, Escrow.com

We'll deduct your closing fee from the buyer's closing payment to you automatically. No need to worry about bank transfers or card payments.

You closed with another escrow service

Once you mark your startup as Acquire'd (from your acquisition dashboard), we'll contact you to arrange payment of your closing fee either by card or bank transfer. 

You closed without using escrow

Again, we'll contact you to arrange payment of your closing fee either by card or bank transfer. (Since it costs nothing to use our escrow service, we recommend using it regardless of the size of your transaction to protect you from fraud.)

However you close, you're due to pay the closing fee either through Escrow.com (recommended) or separately with our finance team. 

We understand that in some acquisitions, such as stock purchases, it might be necessary to close off-platform. However, we strongly recommend you close your acquisition on Acquire.com whenever possible for your safety and security.

Still need help?

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