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How to download your APA

A step-by-step guide to downloading your asset purchase agreement (APA) after receiving it

Last updated: November 22nd, 2023

While Acquire.com keeps all your documents in one place under My acquisition, you might want to keep copies on your device too. 

You can download the APA in two different spots after receiving it from the buyer. Follow the steps below to download a copy for your records. 

How to download your APA before signing 

When a buyer sends you an APA, it’ll appear under My acquisitions. You can download the document while reviewing the initial APA draft. 

1. Click View APA to review the document.

apa 1.0

2. Click Next to continue to the download page.

seller apa 1.1

3. At the top of the screen, click Download to view a PDF version of the APA and save it to your device. 

apa 1.2

The next page asks you to sign and accept or reject the APA. When you’re satisfied with the document, sign it, or reject it and ask the buyer to send you a revised APA.  

How to download your APA after signing 

After signing the APA, you’ll move to escrow to safely close your acquisition.

During the escrow process, you can download the final version of the APA on the My acquisition page. Just follow these steps:  

1. Click the arrow next to your buyer's name. When the buyer's details appear on the right, scroll down to Recent files and click the Download icon next to the APA. 

apa 1.4

You can also download your APA post-signing by clicking the down arrow next to APA accepted. In the dropdown menu, click Download. 

apa 1.6

The PDF of your APA will appear in your device's downloads folder.

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