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How to download your LOI

A step-by-step guide to downloading a buyer's letter of intent (LOI)

Last updated: November 22nd, 2023

While Acquire.com keeps all your documents in one place under My acquisition, you might want to keep copies on your device too. 

You can download the LOI in two different spots after receiving it from the buyer. Follow the steps below to download a copy for your records. 

How to download your LOI before signing 

When a buyer makes an offer for your startup, their LOI will appear under the My acquisition tab. Download the document while reviewing the initial offer. 

1. Click the View offer button to review the LOI.

seller loi 0.5

2. Click Next to continue to the download page.

seller loi 1.1

3. At the top of the screen, click Download to view a PDF version of the LOI and save it to your device. 

seller loi 1.8

The next page asks you to sign and accept the LOI. If you accept but didn’t download the LOI, you have another chance to do so post-signing. 

How to download your LOI after signing 

After signing the LOI, you’ll return to the My acquisition page. You can also download your LOI from here. 

1. Click the down arrow next to LOI accepted.

seller loi 2.05

2. Click Download in the dropdown menu to save the LOI to your device. 

seller loi 2.3

Check your device's downloads folder for a PDF copy of your LOI.

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