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How do I hide and un-hide listings?

How to remove startups from your marketplace view and find them again

An easy way to focus on the startups you like is to remove those you don't. That way, you get a clean picture of the marketplace and your acquisition shortlist. It's easy to remove startups you're not interested in using the hide button. Here's how.

How to hide and un-hide startups with Nathan from product

How to hide and un-hide startup listings

1. Click the little eye icon on the listing you want to hide. You can do this from the Browse or All listings tab. The listing will disappear from your view.


2. To view hidden listings, click More filters from the All listings tab.


3. Scroll down and click Show hidden startups.


4. The hidden startups will now show and the little eye icon will change. You can click it again to un-hide those startups.

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