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How to mark a startup Acquire’d

A guide to marking your acquisition Acquire’d

Last updated: December 18th, 2023

Congrats on buying a startup! Before popping the champagne, conclude the acquisition process by marking your startup as Acquire’d

You can mark your startup as Acquire’d in one of three ways. 

Completing the transaction through Escrow.com

If you use our escrow builder and complete the transaction through Acquire.com, your startup will automatically get Marked as Acquire'd when you complete all the closing payment milestones.

GAP layout

From My deals 

1. Under My deals, click Mark as Acquire’d

acquire buyer 1.0

From Inbox 

1. Click the Inbox button at the top of the screen.

acquire buyer 1.1

2. In your seller messages, click Mark as Acquire’d

acquire buyer 1.2

About your acquisition

Once you mark your startup as Acquire’d, we’ll ask you a few follow-up questions to confirm your acquisition and update our records. 

1. Confirm you want to mark your startup as Acquire’d. Continuing will permanently disable all listing actions, requests, and documents.

MAA (buyer)

2. Confirm your purchase price. This anonymous data helps us compile documents like our biannual multiples report, which helps founders value and sell their businesses. 

Unlist flow - Sold - On Acquire - Purchase Price

3. Choose if you want to archive the startup. Archiving hides the startup from your lists and disables acquisition actions and chats. 

Unlist flow - Archive (buyer)

Congrats! Your acquisition is now finalized on Acquire.com  Startup has been Acquired (1)

Still need help?

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