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How to sign up on Acquire.com

A guide to creating your free seller account so you're ready to list and sell

Last updated: September 13th, 2023

Thanks for your interest in selling your business on Acquire.com!

To sign up for your free seller account, follow the steps below. 

Creating your seller account and listing your business is free. However, you pay a flat 4 percent closing fee when you sell (and only if you sell). Learn more

How to sign up on Acquire.com with Nathan from our product team

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1. Visit the sign-up page.

2. Enter your email address and password.


3. Verify your email address.

verify email

4. Choose I want to sell my startup and click Next.

intro arrow

5. Click Awesome, let’s go to begin the pre-approval process.

How does pre-approval work? After entering your basic details and setting an asking price, our curation team reviews everything to ensure you’re a good fit for the marketplace. Pre-approved startups get listed quicker, fast-tracking your acquisition. 

 pre 1.0 arrow

If you click Not Now, you can start filling out your listing details and completing your profile.

not now 1.0

6. Select your startup type and click Next.  

pre 1.1 arrow

7. Enter a valid website for your startup and click Next.

pre 1.2 arrow

8. Wait while we validate your website and check for your SSL certificate. If you pass both checks, you’ll go to the next screen. Try again or contact our support team if you don't pass. 

pre 1.3

pre 1.4

pre 1.5

9. Enter your startup’s trailing twelve-month (TTM) gross revenue and click Next.

pre 1.6 arrow

10 Enter your startup’s TTM gross profit and click Next. 

pre 1.7 arrow

11. Enter your first and last name and click Next. The buyers won’t see your name unless you provide access. 

pre 1.8 arrow

12. Enter your phone number and click See my asking price. 

Buyers don’t see your phone number unless you grant them access. We collect it to verify you’re a real person and not a bot, building trust and legitimacy in the marketplace. Plus, we might contact you with important updates about your acquisition or to help you attract more buyers. 

pre 1.9 arrow

13. Review your recommended asking price. If you approve of the recommendation, click Submit, and we’ll set that number as your asking price. If you want to adjust your asking price, click Edit

pre 2.0 arrow

Enter your asking price and click Submit. 

pre 2.2 arrow

14. Click Awesome, let’s finish my listing. 

pre 2.1 arrow

15. That's it! Just review our Code of Conduct and then you're ready to complete your listing, verify your ID, and then court buyers. 😊

pre 2.4

Still need help?

Search the help center again or contact us at support@acquire.com.