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What is the customer success program?

How the customer success team helps you get Acquire'd

Last updated: September 21st, 2023

You're not alone when selling your business on Acquire.com. Our customer success team is on your side, ready to answer questions, perfect your listing, and achieve your goals. 

Your customer success manager (CSM) is your acquisition sidekick. Someone in your corner to support you from finding a buyer through closing with escrow. Lean on them when you feel overwhelmed or you're struggling to attract offers. 

Best of all, you pay nothing for their guidance – it's all included in your closing fee. 

Chat with our support team about the help you need. Some acquisitions need a little more attention than others, and we'll ensure you're in the right hands.

Connect with your CSM immediately through pre-approval 

Get in quick contact with your CSM when you submit your listing for pre-approval. After you tell us the essential details about your startup, your CSM will walk you through how simple the listing process is and make it easier than ever for you to go live on the marketplace.

What will our call cover? If you're approved, we'll discuss: 

  • Your acquisition goals
  • What a successful listing looks like
  • How we can help you optimize your listing
  • What services we can provide after you list

Continue reading for more details about the services our CSMs offer. 

How does your CSM help you?

Craft the perfect listing

First, your CSM will ensure your listing is the best it can be. That starts with the listing scorecard, where your CSM will evaluate criteria like:

  • Business health – revenue, profit, length of operation, and so on
  • Business metrics – web traffic, financial, and customer metrics
  • Business profile – your profile, summary, company overview, and so on
  • Your preparedness – your acquisition experience, timeline, and so on

Your score isn't a judgment on your business but measures the gap between where your listing is now and where it needs to be for a fast, rewarding sale. 

Increase buyer interest by as much as 400 percent

You'll work with your CSM on pre and post-listing actions that can quadruple buyer interest (compared to a non-optimized listing). And the more buyer interest you attract, the higher your chances of finding a buyer that matches your acquisition goals.

To help, your CSM will share resources such as templates and checklists. The work you do now determines how successful your acquisition is later. You won't have much time for acquisition preparation when the buyer inquiries start flooding your inbox.  

Market your business to the best buyers

Your CSM can help you develop a marketing strategy to find buyers and attract offers.

We can also help by:

  • reviewing your pitch deck and marketing material,
  • including your listing in our newsletter,
  • featuring you in social media, and
  • presenting your listing to buyers whose acquisition criteria match yours.

Learn how acquisitions work on Acquire.com

Your CSM will also run through the acquisition process on Acquire.com. Even if you've sold businesses before, acquisitions will feel a bit different on our platform:

  • We've streamlined the process so it's faster and more efficient.
  • All buyers have been vetted and verified (ID and acquisition funds).
  • You'll draft, sign, and exchange legal documents in minutes.
  • We'll send buyers your way who we think are a good fit.
  • We support complex deal components like seller financing.
  • You get free integrated escrow with Escrow.com.

Once you're familiar with the process and start fielding buyer inquiries, your CSM will help you whittle down to a shortlist and support you through due diligence and closing.

First time selling? Visit Acquire Academy to learn about acquisitions from our CEO and founder, Andrew Gazdecki. A veteran of the startup community and with four exits under his belt, Andrew knows his stuff and will help you get Acquire'd. 

Always there for you support

We never rest until you achieve your acquisition goals. Our customer support team is available 24/7, ready to answer questions, share resources, or simply calm those pre-acquisition jitters. Whatever happens, we're always just a phone call or message away.

Our marketplace is one of the most diverse on the planet, covering private equity to angel investors to fellow entrepreneurs. With our team at your side, we believe you can achieve anything – and we put the work in to make that happen. 

Still need help?

Please search the help center again or contact us at support@acquire.com.