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What to do when buyers don’t respond

Not getting any interest? Learn how to re-engage existing buyers and connect with new ones

Last updated: July 18th, 2023

You might feel disheartened to list and not get any interest.

But think of it as a challenge. Every startup we list, we believe can sell.

It might not sell tomorrow, but it will sell...

...If you invest the time and effort into selling it.

Often, all you need to do is:

  • Reduce your asking price to reflect market conditions
  • Be patient and keep marketing your business until the right buyer finds you
  • Keep growing – maybe you need to scale a little faster to attract attention
  • Get help – ask the customer success team for expert guidance

Below, learn why startups don't get offers and what you can do about it. 

Why aren’t you getting offers?  

Even if you’ve invested tons of time in perfecting your listing, a number of things can scare buyers away. These are actions you can control. For example: 

  • Having an unrealistic expectation (asking price)
  • Not responding to requests quickly
  • Not giving buyers time to review materials
  • Being difficult to work with
  • Not being open to transition plans
  • Not clearly explaining the opportunity
  • Withholding information the buyer needs to make decisions

Some deals take longer to close than others, but addressing these actions can help cut down selling time. We recommend taking the following three steps to attract buyers.

Four ways to attract more buyer interest

1. Reduce the price

If your main goal is to sell quickly, reducing the price is the best way to attract new buyers or re-engage with older buyers who requested access to your startup.

You might not earn your ideal sale price, but if you’re looking to move on and start new projects, this is the quickest way to connect with more buyers. 

You can also let buyers know you’re open to other deal structures. Buyers who might’ve been reluctant to spend too much upfront might re-engage if you get pre-qualified for Boopos financing or offer seller financing. 

Finally, if you want buyers to know that you’re willing to negotiate the purchase price, invite them to calls. Build more goodwill between you to get them interested in a potential deal. 

If you drop your price on Acquire.com by 10 percent or more, we’ll notify all buyers with startup access of the price drop. This is the perfect chance to initiate new conversations with previous buyers who were hesitant to bite. 

2. Be patient

Not every deal will close in a few weeks or even months.

The larger and more complex your business, the longer it can take to find buyers and close. Keep marketing your startup and following up with buyers who express interest. 

Don’t get discouraged if your startup takes longer to sell than you thought. The right buyer might not be ready to acquire as soon as you list on the market. But if you persevere and keep trying to sell, they’ll find you when the time is right. 

3. Keep Growing

Some buyers might be reluctant to act quickly because they want to see more growth from your startup. These buyers’ advice is invaluable – not only can it enhance your business, but it shows you how to market your startup to these buyers when you contact them again. 

Though it may take longer to sell than if you dropped the price, that additional growth could mean you sell for more than you thought. 

4. Ask us for help

Our customer success team and in-house M&A advisors are jacked into the acquisition market. They know what sells and why. You get free advice from our experts as part of your closing fee, so why not drop us a line if your sale has gone cold? 

We can't guarantee to help you sell overnight, but we can give the benefit of decades of acquisition advice. And you might just find the very thing that's missing. It's worth a shot, right? Get in touch at support@acquire.com. 

Still need help?

Please search the help desk again or contact support at support@acquire.com.