How to list your startup

A guide to crafting the perfect listing on

Last updated: January 10th, 2024

You'll find everything you need to create the perfect listing below. But for expert guidance on how to make your listing pop, ask a customer success manager to review and score your listing. Contact us at to learn more.

Creating the perfect listing is the first step in getting your startup acquired. 

In our experience, a “perfect” listing (one that gets the most buyer interest) is complete, accurate, and verifiable. 

To start, head to our seller sign-up page and click Join now. Below, we’ll guide you through the process of building a listing so you can sell your startup quickly and easily.

How to create a seller account and list your startup 

1. After verifying your email, click I want to sell my startup

intro arrow

2. Click Awesome, let’s go to begin the guided listing process. 

Seller intro

3. We'll start with the basics of your startup. Click Next to continue. 

Introducing basics-1

4. Select your startup type and click Next. 

Select Type-1

4. Enter your startup's name and click Next. 

Seller onboarding - startup name

5. Enter a valid website for your startup and click Next. 


6. Wait while we validate your website and check for your SSL certificate. If you pass both checks, you’ll go to the next screen. Try again or contact our support team if you don't pass. 

Loading screen while validating

7. Click As an individual or As a company to tell us how you're selling your startup. 

Startup type (1)

8. Click the box and enter the appropriate information for selling as an individual or company. 

Startup type

Startup type (2)

9. Now, tell us the details of your startup. Click Next to continue. 

Introducing details

10. Enter when you founded your startup and click Next. 

Date founded

11. Select your team size and click Next. 

Team size

12. Enter where your startup is located. If it's in the United States, also select the state and click Next. 


hover menu option

13. Select your business model. You can choose from our suggested options or type your model in the box and press the enter key.

Business model options

14. Click Additional details to add more information about your business model and how it operates. Click Next when finished. 

Business model options (1)

15. Select your tech stack. You can choose from our suggested options or type your tech in the box and press the enter key.

Tech stack

16. Click Additional details to add more information about your tech stack and how it operates. Click Next when finished. 

Tech stack (1)

17. Enter your competitors in the box and press the enter key. Remove competitors by pressing the "x" icon next to the name. Click Next when finished. 


18. Select your startup's growth opportunities. Choose multiple options and provide more information in the Additional details box below. Click Next when finished. 

Growth opportunities (1)

19. Select your reason for selling. Choose multiple options and provide more information in the Additional details box below. Click Next when finished. 

Reason for selling

20. Select how you financed or funded your startup. Choose multiple options and provide more information in the Additional details box below. Click Next when finished. 


21. Select the assets you're selling. You can choose from our suggested options or type your assets in the box and press the enter key. Click Next when finished. 

Key assets

22. Now, we'll cover your startup's metrics. Click Next to continue. 

Introducing metrics

23. Click Connect next to each section. Follow the instructions for connecting your financial metrics, customer metrics, and web traffic. You can also Skip connecting your metrics and enter the data manually (see more below). 

We highly recommend connecting your metrics to build trust with buyers and make your listing stand out on the marketplace. 

Connect metrics 2

24. Enter your startup’s trailing twelve-month (TTM) gross revenue and click Next.

Seller onboarding - revenue

25. Enter your startup’s TTM net profit and click Next. 

Seller onboarding - profit

26. Enter how much gross revenue you earned last month and click Next. 

Rev (show if no data or not connected)

27. Enter how much net profit you earned last month and click Next. 

Profit (show if no data or not connected)

28. Enter your annual growth rate and click Next. 

Growth rate

29. Enter your expected annual recurring revenue (ARR) and click Next. 

ARR (skip for eCommerce_)

30. Select the number of active customers you have and click Next. 

Customers (skip for eCommerce_)

31. You're halfway there! Time to fill out your seller profile. 

Introducing Step 2

32. Enter your first and last name and click Next. The buyers won’t see your name unless you provide access. 

Seller onboarding - name

33. Select if you're an owner or broker for the business and click Next. 

Startup type (3)

34. Add a photo of yourself and click Next. 


35. Enter a short paragraph about yourself and your entrepreneurial background and click Next. 

Description of self

36. Enter your LinkedIn profile link and click Next. 

Connecting your LinkedIn profile helps buyers learn more about your background and experience (when you approve startup access). 

Connect LinkedIn

37. Now, we'll help you build a data room. Click Next to continue. 

Introducing Data room (1)

38. Upload a profit and loss (P&L) statement to provide more financial information to prospective buyers. We recommend including a P&L even when connecting metrics so buyers can see you track critical financial information.

Upload multiple years if possible, and click the trash icon on the right to delete any files. Click Next when finished. 

Profit and loss statement (2)

39. Add documents and files to your listing that buyers might find useful. These documents should convey the value of your company to persuade buyers it’s worth pursuing. Consider additional documents like: 

  • Seller introduction videos 
  • Confidential information memorandum (CIM)
  • Transition steps 
  • Pitch decks
  • Product demos
  • Asset valuation estimates
  • Customer testimonials
  • More charts, diagrams, and analyses related to your business

Upload several documents and click the trash icon on the right to delete any files. Click Next when finished. 

Supporting docs (2)

40. For the last section, we'll gather info to help you market your business. Click Next to continue. 

Introducing marketing

41. Enter a headline for your startup that explains how it helps customers. We'll also generate a headline for you, which you can edit. Click Next when finished. 


42. Enter a description for your startup that describes its offering. Keep it factual, but don't forget to sell the opportunity to buyers.  Emphasize your startup’s strengths and what makes it appealing to a potential buyer. 

We'll also generate a description for you, which you can edit. Click Next when finished. 


43. Select the search keywords that describe your startup. You can choose from our suggested options or type your keywords in the box and press the enter key. Click Next when finished. 

Keywords (1)

44. Review your recommended asking price. If you approve of the recommendation, click Submit, and we’ll set that number as your asking price.

Your asking price is usually the start of negotiations. It doesn’t necessarily limit or predict your closing price. Learn more in our guide, How to set your asking price.

Seller onboarding - Asking price v2-1

If you want to adjust your asking price, drag the slider to your desired number. 

price 2

Or, click the box next to your price to enter a new asking price. Click Save.  

price 3

Once you settle on an asking price you're happy with, click Next. 

price 4

45. Enter your asking price reasoning to justify your number. Click Next when finished. 

Asking price reasoning

46. Enter your phone number and click Next. 

Buyers don’t see your phone number unless you grant them access. We collect it to verify you’re a real person and not a bot, building trust and legitimacy in the marketplace. Plus, we might contact you with important updates about your acquisition or to help you attract more buyers.

Seller onboarding - phone number

47. Preview your listing to see what buyers view on the marketplace. View the condensed listing card first.  

Preview listing

Click View preview to see the expanded listing. 

Seller listing preview


48. Click Submit your listing to send your listing to our curation team for review.

Submit takeover (1)

49. If you're selling a US-based entity, we'll ask you to verify your business to build trust with buyers and receive a Verified badge. 

Submitted, not approved (2)

50. Non-US-based sellers or individual sellers will be asked to verify their identity to build trust with buyers and receive a Verified badge. 

Submitted, not approved (3)

Once you complete your listing, our curation team will review it. Rejected startups receive an explanation of why it was rejected while approved startups go live automatically. 

You can edit your listing once it goes live, but any changes will go through our curation team so we can maintain the integrity of the marketplace. On average, it takes one business day to review new or edited listings. 

Still need help?

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